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A Legal Requirement, Made Easy

CCTV is widely recognised as one of the most effective means of both deterring and detecting crime available today.

Whilst CCTV has been typically used for security and gathering evidence, it is now also being utilised as a management and health and safety tool as well. CCTV Systems can also be combined with other security systems to further enhance your security options CCTV Video surveillance is the ideal security solution for fast food restaurants. Because of their constant flow of customers, long hours and high employee turnover rates, fast food restaurants and franchises are more susceptible to theft and other crimes than an average bar or restaurant. A well-installed video surveillance system can help keep your customers, employees and building safe.

Benefits of Chain Restaurant Surveillance  

  • Prevent theft- Prominently placed security cameras have been shown to reduce theft. High quality images from your cameras can also help you more easily identify criminals in the event that your restaurant is robbed.
  • Maintain quality a system of cameras in your kitchen can help you ensure that your staff adheres to health codes at all times, which helps keep your customers safe and your health inspectors happy.
  • Remote monitoring Using an NVR (Network Video Recorder) in place of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to broadcast your security footage over the internet, giving you the ability to check up on any of your cameras at anytime. This is especially beneficial if you manage multiple franchises or a particularly large restaurant.
  • Flexible Since IP cameras are so easy to install, they can be re-arranged at any time should your security needs change.

Security Focus have designed, installed and maintained CCTV and security system to a number of McDonald’s franchises up and down the country, our experience within this sector will help you get the best out of your restaurants.

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